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Land Maintenance, LLC, Decaturville, TN, provides mulching services and commercial land clearing. Our equipment is also suited to residential projects and environments. Nathan Savell, our owner, has been in the logging and land clearing business for over two decades and is a fourth-generation landowner. He uses his experience and knowledge of forestry and land management to operate a company dedicated to the enhancement of property and wildlife.

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Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing

Forestry mulching is the process of shredding unwanted trees and vegetation into a mulch. There are numerous benefits to this process--topsoil stays in place, there is no erosion, and there are no unsightly piles or burning. The biggest benefit to the customer is the increased property value provided by our land clearing services.

Getting rid of nuisance flora and preparing your property for more extensive development or decoration means creating a space that’s more tailored to your needs. It also allows you to create an inviting, open area where you can implement sitting areas, walkways, and other outdoor amenities. Most importantly, our work puts your property’s future in your hands, clearing the way for more effective and efficient land use.

Our Equipment

Delivering the best service depends on the right gear. Choose the land clearing experts near you with both the right tools and the talent to use them effectively. Our equipment is specialized for small land clearing jobs and large-scale cutting, shredding, and stump grinding. No matter what the situation, we deliver exceptional results by utilizing the proper application of technology, training, and attention to detail.

Far more than a hack and slash endeavor, our clearing process involves careful, strategic planning that prioritizes worksite safety while efficiently working through even the thickest vegetation. From faster completion to more thorough results, we provide premium services that are centered on your success. When it comes to commercial land clearing, our gear and the experts that use it make all the difference.

Preserving Your Land

Though it’s often thought of as destructive, land clearing is as much about preserving your property as it is getting rid of unwanted plant life. By keeping away trees and brush that conceal your land’s full value, we give you the foundation you need to raise and maintain its worth. When you can choose the outdoor features you want to cultivate, you can craft an environment that’s naturally beautiful and precision-designed for your use.

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